We made it!

Well, after all that the web updates via satellite didn't work, although the map did get updated. We're currently in transit at Johannesburg airport, but I'll be home soon and updating the site with trip reports. Meanwhile, here's a teaser.

This young leopard was eating a catfish he'd dragged out of the Savute Channel. In the full size image I can make out the reflection of our safari vehicle...


Kalahari dreaming

Our first afternoon in the Kalahari had a personal (but safe!) encounter with a Black Mamba (snake) and spotlighting with a Lion, and our first full day has included highlights such as a Ratel (Honey Badger).

Honey Badger, he don't care! (Google it)

This day has given us plenty of opportunities to find issues with techniques, get annoyed at not getting things in focus, but still come back with some great images. Tomorrow we're off to Nxai Pan. Baobabs and more.


Still travelling...

After a very long day in the air yesterday, we've met up with the other participants here in Johannesburg. Most of us are still adjusting to the 8-hour time difference from Melbourne, but we're about to head off again for a couple of flights ending up in the Kalahari.

We'll get there eventually!


Southern Africa here we come!

We're about to head off to Botswana and Zambia on our 2+ week adventure which will take us from the Kalahari, through the Okavango Delta, and on to Victoria Falls. David is leading a group of five photographers on this private adventure. We'll be back in mid-July, and will be showing some of the results from the participants.

In the meantime we aim to post updates here regularly. We'll only have Internet access in a couple of locations, but will be posting short texts at other times via a satellite connection. You'll be able to follow our progress on the live map at Where's David.

If you haven't seen it already, check out David's post (on his own blog) from earlier this week about some of the gear being taken on the trip.


Africa next month!

We're on final approach for our Botswana Odyssey next month (starting in Johannesburg on the 29th of June). It's set to be a great adventure. :)

I'll be putting Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 (and Photoshop CC) through its paces on the trip. Some of us will be using Lightroom 4, so it will provide an interesting comparison.